The Greatest Indicator of Success in Recovery is Length of Time

You’re not alone

Approximately 10% of the USA population faces addiction. Upwards of 70% of people relapse before 3 months. But of those who make it to 12 months only 34% relapse. Pass the 5-year milestone, and 85% stay clean & sober

Treatment Services

We are state-certified (SAPTA) to deliver intensive outpatient, outpatient, early intervention and prevention services. We serve both adults and adolescents. We accept Medicaid and Cash Pay for these services. If you have private insurance you can submit a claim for cash-paid services received directly to your insurance company.

Additionally, we offer SAPTA-certified transitional housing for adult men and women (separate houses). See our “Sober Living” page for more information.

Achieving your goal

Fitness + nutrition are essential ingredients in helping the addicted mind and body heal.

Living Free Health & Fitness offers treatment, programs and services to help people in recovery improve their exercise / activity and eating habits. We even offer regular group activities that support a healthier lifestyle.


  • “I wanted to thank you for last night’s class. It was really time for me. For the last few days, I’ve been in relapse mode. Acting out in old behaviors…I’m not really sure what behaviors got me there. Actually, I do kind of know, honesty has been an issue about certain things and not giving …my best. The class was a God-shot for me and caused me to really look at things and possibly save me from a relapse. Thank you and big hugs.”

  • “It’s a daily intervention that allows her to break the cycle and helps her self-esteem and allows her to be the true (person) she is. All because of your personal service she now has a route that will lead her to live in a conscious mind of wellness and recovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. She is inspiring me to kick it into gear. How the tables have turned! Thank you!”

  • “Because of this health and fitness intervention you have provided, my sister has the opportunity and choice to do something healthy and productive with her down time that will feed her mind, body and soul. She is on an absolute natural high and thinks about, and plans – yes, plans – her next visit to the gym. I’m just in tears. Her goals, her concentration and her focus is on her food choices and her next personal challenge at the gym. Like ‘Whoa!’ LOL”