Sober Living Enrichment Overview

Early recovery is fragile.


The “trick” is not in getting people to stop using drugs; it’s in getting them  to Stay Stopped!


Sober Living Enrichment: Value Proposition

  • Preventative strategies and self-efficacy
  • Redirect unhealthy behavior before it becomes problematic
  • Mitigate treatment costs
  • Magnify the value of private/public monies spent
  • Promote social reintegration of productive, employable, self-sufficient individuals

For the individual and his/her family, the program promotes self-efficacy versus dependence.

At a societal level, fewer relapses mean more productive lives, intact families, lower crime, and fewer demands upon social services and first-responders.

The Problem

A vast-majority of people suffering addictions don’t possess the knowledge, judgment, and self-esteem to employ healthy ways of thinking and living.  Frequently they also lack the background and confidence to help surmount feelings of being overwhelmed and ill-prepared to commit to a new way of living. It takes approximately 90 days for newly-learned behaviors to become habit (automatic responses or actions) – a long period for newly sober people.

There are few (if any) structured, clinically-oriented continuing recovery-care organizations dedicated to providing the support and guidance needed to bridge the gap between the first days or weeks of recovery and the 12-month milestone, where the chances for life-long abstinence double.

Proposed Solution

Our continuity of care model is the better and more common-sense approach to the “do something” demands of a nation reeling from the current opiate epidemic and pervasive drug/alcohol abuse problem. Providing individuals the structure to reinforce treatment experiences, to develop and strengthen healthy lifestyle habits, and to learn strategies to prevent relapse will better serve people in recovery. We seek to empower individuals with the tools they need to stay sober, relying on personal responsibility, action and consistency as hallmarks of forging long-term abstinence.

Why Fund This?

  • The benefit of our approach far outweighs the cost. Upside potential is huge in terms of dollars saved, and macro-benefits to individuals, families and society
  • Simple approach to a complex problem
  • Scalable nation-wide
  • Can be monetized through licensing, accreditation and private/public funding.

SEE HOW IT WORKS – Modified Beta Program conducted May – July, 2016.

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