Living Free Health emphasizes a “Whole-Health” solution to recovery. There is a significant emphasis on physical fitness, healthy eating and proper sleep habits in conjunction with treatment, behavioral interventions and sober social support.  

PLEASE NOTE : No Housing Fees!


  • You must be detoxed and/or not be at risk for severe withdrawal.
  • Your primary problem is drug/alcohol abuse. You are seeking a safe environment with programming, structure, and supervision as a way to get your life back on track….and keep it that way!
  • You must be assessed as appropriate for our treatment program. (Medicaid insurance and cash pay options)

Program Benefits

No-nonsense approach. We hold clients accountable. We provide structure and supervision with daily house visits. Peer Support Specialists conduct individual and group meetings for transitional housing clients which are in addition to treatment protocol.

  • SAPTA (state) certified transitional living credential – licensed, insured, inspected. Highest standards of living / professional support.
  • Peer recovery support specialist and licensed clinical staff addressing your needs.
  • 3 Gorgeous houses.
  • Maximum 6 clients per house. We’re not “packing and stacking” bodies. We’re creating homes and families.
  • Gym memberships paid and twice-weekly training sessions with retired Navy SeaBee PT squad leader.
  • Housing scholarships awarded on merit and needs basis.
  • PC with full Microsoft Office Suite; laser wifi printer.
  • We help you get a job ASAP; no “lock-down” period.
  • All utilities including Netflix.
  • The structure, supervision and accountability you need to succeed.

Women & Children’s/Pregnant Women
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Women’s Transitional Living House
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Men’s Transitional Living House
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We prepare you to stay stopped – FOR LIFE.

OUR GOAL: “When you leave us, the only thing in your life that will change is your address!