What you EAT can help prevent relapse.

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Feed your brain and body!

Even a few, minor changes to your diet can strengthen your brain and “re-wire” your hunger to diminish cravings. This is due to how most processed foods can be “triggers”– so learn to avoid them!

It’s actually simple: “Good” foods are those that you buy by the pound, “bad” are found among those that are processed and packaged.

Stay stopped by selecting healthier foods.

Healthier eating translates into fewer cravings, easier weight management, a sense of well-being, and overall better health!

Easy nutrition basics

  • Never shop for food when hungry
  • Never skip a meal
  • Always have healthy snacks available and with you (carrots, nuts, cheese, yogurt, etc.)


Food Categories (basic)

Below is a guideline for healthy eating. The “+++” food groups should be staples in your diet. Foods in these groups that can serve as easy snacks to keep your energy up are in green. The other groups should be eaten sparingly.

Protein Vegetables Grains/Nuts Fruits Starch Oils/Fats
+++ +++ +++ +++ ++ +
Beef Artichoke Almonds Apples Bread Butter
Chicken Asparagus Beans Bananas Grits/Polenta Canola Oil
Cheese Broccoli Lentils Berries Pasta Corn Oil
Cottage Cheese Carrots Rice Oranges Potatoes Grape Seed Oil
Eggs Cauliflower Quinoa Pears   Margarine
Fish Eggplant Walnuts     Olive Oil
Lamb Tomatoes       Avocado
Pork         Olives

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3 + 3

3 meals + 3 snacks daily can help you avoid food binging!