Update – Fall 2017 Fundraiser

Good News!

Day 31 of our fundraiser to support the Las Vegas Rescue Mission with quality education and fitness programming….and

A gentleman who wishes to remain anonymous clicked our DONATE PAGE and made a $2,500 gift to help us not only meet our Rescue Mission programming goal, but to get us started in our soon-to-be-announced, much-needed programming in  Pahrump, Nevada.


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Plus the additional $1,450 to launch our work in Pahrump.












Remember, this is what we do. This is the impact we have.

Please consider helping us grow our donor base! You can make a secure, fast, easy TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift, today!





Las Vegas Rescue Mission Fundraiser!

We Need Your Help!

The Las Vegas Rescue Mission does a fabulous job of helping those who have run out of options. Not only does the Mission serve more than 1,000 meals per day, it provides safety and shelter for men, women, and women with children.

In addition, the Rescue Mission has a state-certified addiction rehabilitation program that serves up to 130 men and women – FOR FREE!

That’s right. Free treatment, room and board!

And all of this with ZERO government  grant monies.

The Rescue Mission needs support from the community.

It needs YOUR support!

Living Free Health & Fitness is shepherding a fundraising effort to directly, 100% benefit the Las Vegas Rescue Mission’s Addiction Rehabilitation Program.


$3,000 “tipping point” goal

  •  Delivers 12 new courseware modules and 36 hours of clinical groups and training through end of 2017.

$12,000 “stretch” goal

  • Extends the education, skills-building and lifestyle training through 2018!

Sponsor a module and training for $250! (Click for more info)

  • Donate ANY amount you can give. It is appreciated tremendously and will go toward meeting our goals.




 LEARN MORE about the impact we have made thus far in 2017 at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission!

Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/donation-thermometer/.3,000$1,950$65%


Today I spoke with one of the men we worked with March-July at Rescue Mission. Actually, several of the men and women stay in contact with me. This man I haven’t spoken with in a month, however. He wanted to let me know how much the Living Free Health & Fitness programming meant to him. His story now is very similar to those of others with whom I have recently spoken.

First of all, this man demonstrates humility and gratitude. He follows direction and practices principles he has learned from Living Free Health & Fitness and Las Vegas Rescue Mission. “G” specifically mentioned the importance of having brought fitness and healthy eating to his program of recovery. He has lost 50 pounds. He pays 100% for his own gym membership. He is employed and has career aspirations of going into firefighting. “G” anticipates helping others through service work. He says much of his confidence and how well he feels is tied to having gotten into the gym to rebuild his body, mind and confidence. He learned the importance of these things to recovery through us – our classes, our fitness groups and our 1-on-1 chats.

Quite frankly, we spent A LOT of money on subsidizing those gym memberships this past summer. And we had a lot of drop-outs and failures to adhere to the program. Occasionally, I have questioned my decision to invest that heavily into the memberships.

But then, I get feedback like this. And I hear and see the metamorphosis. And I know I did the right thing with our donors’ monies, and the revenue we earn through sales of our courseware.

I also know that the money we spent on 44 people over four months wouldn’t have covered one week for one person’s stay in 30 day residential treatment.  So, our approach not only improves outcomes, it’s incredibly cost-effective.

Thank you to our generous donors and volunteers. We are making a difference and helping to permanently change lives and lifestyles for the better.

What does your “treatment” look like?

Recovery shouldn’t require tens of thousands of dollars.


What it must demand is smart, effective, no-nonsense, disciplined programming. 

And that is who we are!

Living Free Health & Fitness’ mission is to democratize quality recovery via services that are evidence and real-world -based,  not larded-up with exorbitant costs related to overhead, and the bloat attached to today’s “treatment” environments.


No wonder much of the public has difficulty empathizing with the disease of addiction. Seriously, you don’t see doctors sending cancer or heart patients to spas with a private chef, massages, and expensive entertainment options, do you?

Of course we’re not saying that medical detoxification and other 24 x 7 services are not necessary for a subset of addicts and alcoholics. However, there is a vast majority out there that can be readily helped for low cost. It’s about priorities – and what the organization’s mission is really about. Truly client-based? Or something else?

Here are couple videos demonstrating the effectiveness of our “back to basics,” “personal responsibility” model. For those who don’t know – clients at places like the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army have often had multiple failed attempts at abstinence through traditional treatment, and are some of the toughest cases. Yet, here we are. Winning. Big-time!


Exercise and Addiction Recovery at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Rescue Mission – Program Update

Three and one-half months in, one month to go!

(Read the whole post – we’re really proud of what we have accomplished thus far, with your help and generosity.)


We’re heading into our final month of our Spring-Summer program engagement with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM) addiction rehabilitation clients. Thus far, we have provided clinically-oriented educational groups and lectures, dietary planning and recommendations for recovery (group and one-on-one), and fitness programming. Fitness groups included outdoor sporting activities and subsidized gym memberships as part of clients successfully meeting – and maintaining – prescribed milestones in treatment objectives, work therapy, and overall behavior change and maintenance.

We emphasize the BODY-MIND CONNECTION, and the impact eating right and exercising has on both mental and physical health!


How have our team members done thus far? About a 46.5% compliance rate. We think this is a very good number, in light of the myriad of problems burdening most of these people by the time they land on the doorstep of the Rescue Mission.

And, believe it or not, several clients who were discharged for failure to adhere to LVRM procedures and rules made a point to contact Shelley to let her know how much the fitness, diet and coping skills information presented and practiced provided  new perspective and purpose to their recoveries.

Program benefits:

• Enhance understanding of the disease of addiction
• Additional coping skills and strategies supporting abstinence
• Improve recovery self-awareness and self-efficacy
• Teach critical link between long-term recovery, and healthy eating and exercise
• Improve overall diet, food choices and eating habits
• Encourage regular exercise/activity
• Practice accountability, personal responsibility and keeping commitments
• Practice financial management and bill-pay
• Decreased “hustling” and “criminal” thinking
• Better spending priorities
• Appropriate interactions with members of the opposite sex
• Improved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

Has it helped? “Yes” and “very much so”, if you ask our avid participants!