Last night we focused on the detrimental effects drug and alcohol use have on both brain and body. Cellular, synaptic and chemical changes in the brain. Organ, tissue and metabolic changes to the body and body systems. Though many of our group have attended treatment in the past, our members found the graphic representation and understanding of the snowballing destruction both frightening and enlightening.

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We learned about how tolerance develops, why cold-turkey withdrawal is potentially fatal, and why we can never use safely again. Next time will not be different – and we learned the hereditary, genetic and medical reasons why this is so.

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Sadly, we know that this disease involves chronic relapse for some. The goal of the Sober Living Enrichment program is to foster resilience in our members and to promote them becoming more and more intrinsically motivated.

How will our members stay sober and clean when they get back to more traditional living arrangements? By feeling that nothing changes, except their address, upon discharge from the sober living home.

That is why we are not only educating, but teaching the practical skills and lifestyle changes that will be carried for a lifetime of recovery!

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And oh yes, we hit the gym again last night as a team! Each session I am witness to our members’ increased enthusiasm, strength, endurance, and CONFIDENCE! 

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