May 28, 2016

Great stuff last night! We started the afternoon with Life Skills topic Understanding Basic Financial Terms and Creating a Personal Budget. Impulsive and inappropriate spending are common cross-addiction problems, especially upon stopping the use of psychoactive substances. We learned how we can  empower ourselves and reduce stress through better management of our money.



We improved self-confidence and efficacy by practicing putting real data into both a computer spreadsheet and free smartphone apps.

After “school” – Off to the gym. Our average gym member’s participation is 72% – or about 5 of 7 days. Just right. The women are also improving their awareness of the importance of being active, in general. One woman talked about taking the stairs at work, rather than the elevator. Another recognized that helping a friend move was a workout in and of itself!

We  welcomed a new member to our group last night. Seeing others model appropriate, healthy behavior is motivating!

Here are a few shots from the gym last night. We want to thank 24-Hour Fitness staff Lindsey, Laney and Chasten, and of course, general manager Zeke,  for being so enthusiastic and supportive of our efforts!


Incidentally, this motivated young lady  is sharing workout / apps she has found online

Leg workout   

More leading by example!   Rowing Workout

The coolest thing is that I get to wake up to and share messages like the following with the Living Free Health & Fitness principals and donors!

“Good morning Shelley! This is (name redacted) from Davis 1….I super want to thank you so much for everything you do for us, the gym is an absolute God-send for me. I have been there everyday since Wednesday and I can’t wait to go back today.”