I know what you’re thinking“People bring addiction problems upon themselves. It’s hardly worth the effort. Why waste my money?”

There is a great deal of chronic relapse – no doubt. That is the problem we are addressing! You see, for those who get treatment, the duration of time is not nearly enough to effect permanent change. It takes more than detox or a few weeks rewire our brains and bodies for success.

Add to that, many start using in early adolescence! In fragile early recovery, feeling overwhelmed by an inability to cope in an adult world is frequently the loose brick that results in a stumble back into active addiction.

We have a different approach. It’s directed to those without the resources – and it’s delivered in a way that empowers local proprietors and communities to provide a quality, long-term clinical care at a fraction of the cost of traditional treatment.

You have the opportunity to be a change-maker – a market disruptor – while at the same time providing the means for us to deliver the education, life skills, fitness and nutrition training that makes long-term abstinence 50% more likely.

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