So many principles of recovery….and life…cross my mind when I’m out hiking. Helps me maintain perspective. It’s not just about the exercise and the fresh air and sunshine. Patience, nurture, faith, acceptance, healing – rebirth. The tree reminds me that the scars from a life of addiction can be channeled into something beautiful and enduring. The petroglyphs remind me that others have come before me; and more will follow. When I’m out there, I can’t help but be “right-sized.” And the crystal clear pool, despite the fact it hasn’t rained in a month? A metaphor for “the promises.” It’s all there. We simply need to put one foot in front of the other. And keep an open mind.Hike pool 20150215 Hike petroglyphs 20150215 Hike huge rock 20150216 Hike honeycomb 20150216 Hike honeycomb 20150215 Hike cactus 20150215