If this face doesn’t tell you it’s working, I don’t know what will. Education, skills development, fitness, healthy eating. The lifestyle of winners!

Last night we focused on the some of the basics of nutrition  = How do we eat well, but on a budget? What sorts of marketing distractions might lure us into making less-wise choices? What tools are available to help guide us in developing and maintaining a recovery-oriented diet / eating lifestyle?

Here are a few slides from last night’s class:

Cooking Practicum_Education 3 20160618 Cooking Practicum_Education 1 20160618Cooking Practicum_Education 2 20160618

After learning and prepping, we went to the gym for our evening workout. Several of our members are taking great advantage of the pool – swimming laps, utilizing smartphone apps to find  favorite strength/stamina activities in a no-impact environment. The pool environment at our 24-Hour Fitness location is amazing – and they have all the resistance and strength tools we need to take full advantage of an aquatic workout!

24 Fit pool