Three and one-half months in, one month to go!

(Read the whole post – we’re really proud of what we have accomplished thus far, with your help and generosity.)


We’re heading into our final month of our Spring-Summer program engagement with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM) addiction rehabilitation clients. Thus far, we have provided clinically-oriented educational groups and lectures, dietary planning and recommendations for recovery (group and one-on-one), and fitness programming. Fitness groups included outdoor sporting activities and subsidized gym memberships as part of clients successfully meeting – and maintaining – prescribed milestones in treatment objectives, work therapy, and overall behavior change and maintenance.

We emphasize the BODY-MIND CONNECTION, and the impact eating right and exercising has on both mental and physical health!


How have our team members done thus far? About a 46.5% compliance rate. We think this is a very good number, in light of the myriad of problems burdening most of these people by the time they land on the doorstep of the Rescue Mission.

And, believe it or not, several clients who were discharged for failure to adhere to LVRM procedures and rules made a point to contact Shelley to let her know how much the fitness, diet and coping skills information presented and practiced provided  new perspective and purpose to their recoveries.

Program benefits:

• Enhance understanding of the disease of addiction
• Additional coping skills and strategies supporting abstinence
• Improve recovery self-awareness and self-efficacy
• Teach critical link between long-term recovery, and healthy eating and exercise
• Improve overall diet, food choices and eating habits
• Encourage regular exercise/activity
• Practice accountability, personal responsibility and keeping commitments
• Practice financial management and bill-pay
• Decreased “hustling” and “criminal” thinking
• Better spending priorities
• Appropriate interactions with members of the opposite sex
• Improved physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health

Has it helped? “Yes” and “very much so”, if you ask our avid participants!