“LFHF (Living Free Health & Fitness) was amazing in what it offered the ladies with the well thought out classes, gym memberships and most of all support and friendship! I know the program made a difference in my life. I am more informed from having read the book, participated in the LFHF classes and am now a regular at the gym. I believe that all the ladies have benefited and will be able to use the information they learned from LFHF in the future. I am immensely grateful to LFHF and hope that we can incorporate your program again in the future with a new group of women. “

                                                          —- Marcie Davis, Founder and Proprietor of the Davis Houses.

Sober Living Enrichment Works! In fact, one might think of it as a Sober Lifestyle training. We hesitate to say “boot camp” because that might imply compliance at the end of a whip.


What we offered our participants was support, structure and encouragement designed to overcome ambivalence, and drive intrinsic (self) motivation. And looking at the  testimonial and statistics, we feel pretty darned good about the results!

In two months:

Nicotine (cigarette smoking) intake declined by 30%.

Caffeine intake declined by 20%.

Cardiovascular health improved as follows: 5% reduction in systolic blood pressure, 10% reduction in diastolic blood pressure, and 17% lower pulse rate.

We had anticipated more significant improvements in areas such as weight loss, increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat percentage, but our group still made significant progress. Progress not perfection!!

Weight increased (3%), though with a corresponding increase in lean muscle mass (4%) and decrease in body fat percentage (-2%). The most significant marker here was a reduction in visceral fat (-10%).

Additionally, participants identified the following improvements in knowledge, applicability, and self-confidence in our four core education and practicum areas:

Clinical Concepts   +18%

Life Skills   +51%

Fitness   +49%

Nutrition +54%

We couldn’t be more proud of the Davis women’s work ethic, and desire for a new way of life!

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