Everyone who goes into treatment or sober living does so with some reticence. Change – especially in the context of recovery from addiction – can be scary, challenging and uncomfortable.

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April 26, 2020

I was a resident at the Living Free sober living house for women for a year. I had attempted sobriety several times in the past, tried different residential treatments, different therapies and different sober living homes in Vegas as well as Arizona.

Living Free allowed me to live in a safe environment, with the support I needed to integrate back into society and learn about my addiction as well as get some milestones under my belt. The staff was always, and still is very helpful.

The house is the best one I’ve ever stayed at. The people I met there were always so encouraging. I would go as so far as saying the sober living house, combined with therapy not really saved my life, but made me see a life that was worth saving.  -April 2020

April 24, 2020

Hi Living Free..

I wanted to take a moment and thank ALL of you for all the incredible help you gave me in one of the most desperate times in my life!

Your counseling services were extremely helpful to me gaining strength, insight, and understand how I could live sober and have my best life.

In addition, the sober living house was instrumental as part of my program. It was such a wonderful home with great support all around!  – April 2020