Recovery shouldn’t require tens of thousands of dollars.


What it must demand is smart, effective, no-nonsense, disciplined programming. 

And that is who we are!

Living Free Health & Fitness’ mission is to democratize quality recovery via services that are evidence and real-world -based,  not larded-up with exorbitant costs related to overhead, and the bloat attached to today’s “treatment” environments.


No wonder much of the public has difficulty empathizing with the disease of addiction. Seriously, you don’t see doctors sending cancer or heart patients to spas with a private chef, massages, and expensive entertainment options, do you?

Of course we’re not saying that medical detoxification and other 24 x 7 services are not necessary for a subset of addicts and alcoholics. However, there is a vast majority out there that can be readily helped for low cost. It’s about priorities – and what the organization’s mission is really about. Truly client-based? Or something else?

Here are couple videos demonstrating the effectiveness of our “back to basics,” “personal responsibility” model. For those who don’t know – clients at places like the Rescue Mission or Salvation Army have often had multiple failed attempts at abstinence through traditional treatment, and are some of the toughest cases. Yet, here we are. Winning. Big-time!


Exercise and Addiction Recovery at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission

Nutrition and Addiction Recovery at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission